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Check these 30 Things off your Food Summer Bucket List

Written by Terra | Sat, Aug 13, '16

1. Fire up the grill as many times as possible. Here are a few of our favorite grilling recipes.

2. Make popsicles! With just two ingredients, you are on your way to a custom cool treat.

3. Try some DIY tie-dye … adult style. We love the look of Shibori Dye to decorate the kitchen. Think tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, you name it!

4. Visit your local farmers' market to pick up the best of summer seasonal ingredients like zucchini, corn, melons, and tomatoes.

5. Hit up a local carnival after dinner. Ride some rides and indulge in a carnival treat for dessert. Funnel cake, anyone

6. See an outdoor movie. Check local drive-ins, wineries, and community parks. These events often pop up in pleasantly unexpected places! Don’t forget chairs, snacks, and, of course, bug spray.

7. Visit your local brewery to check out what they're brewing up for summer. We love visiting our neighbors Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore and can't wait to try Royal Farmhouse Double IPA on our next visit!

8. While you’re grilling, make sure to see how you are doing on your healthy burger summer bucket list.

9. Go on a picnic during your lunch hour. Recruit a few friends to come along and make it an adventure.

10. Go see a concert (and don’t forget to dance!). Our team has seen Guns 'n Roses, Pearl Jam, and Tame Impala so far this summer.

11. Try new recipes with the best of summer ingredients including watermelon, kale, and corn. 

12. Weather it is homemade or from the ice cream man, make sure you are eating at least a little bit of ice cream!

13. Have a bonfire with friends and relive your favorite memories of summer camp with lavender s’mores.

14. Preserve fruits, herbs and other treasures from your garden for later in the year. Think about canning or even freezing what you can’t use now

15. Take advantage of longer days and slightly cooler temperatures with an after-dinner swim. In the spirit of the Olympics, challenge someone to a race or have a team relay.

16. Find your center at a new yoga class. During the summer months, many studios offer classes outside, so take advantage!

17. Bubbles make you feel like a kid again. You can even make your own with this non-toxic bubble recipe.

18. Wherever your travels take you, make sure to send a postcard to someone you love.

19. Set aside at least one to two nights a week for a family dinner, whatever that looks like for you.

20. Take advantage of any state or national parks nearby for a day of hiking. Throw a bar of Salazon chocolate in your bag for a pick me up along the trail

21. Summer nights are perfect for stargazing. If you live in a city you may have to drive away from the city lights so you can see the stars clearly, but it will be worth it!

22. Blend up a smoothie for a cool breakfast or healthy treat.

23. Find a treasure at a local yard sale or flea market.

24. Enjoy a great glass of wine on the porch with a friend, and it doesn’t even have to be a weekend.

25. Start a dance party to your favorite summer tunes. You can even match up the music to your dinner like we did with our Mediterranean Staycation

26.Take a bike ride to work or to dinner.

27. Knock some books off your summer reading list. 

28. Choose one day and someone you love to enjoy a sunrise or sunset with. 

29. Start planning school lunches and stocking up on supplies for the new year.

30. Express gratitude and share memories from another fun-filled summer.

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