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Former Raven Ed Reed's Post-Retirement Meal Plan

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Nov 27, '17


The life of an NFL All-Star doesn’t slow down post-retirement. For Baltimore’s own ball-hawk, Ed Reed, that means operating the Ed Reed Foundation to help children, teaching them how successful they can be. To Reed, treating your body right with healthy meals and exercise is essential to lifelong success, and showing kids what NFL players eat is a good start.

Ed believes that you can’t prime yourself for success without establishing the right routine. “If we surround ourselves with the right people, in the right environment, our opportunity for success increases greatly,” Reed shares.  He’s always been a healthy eater and those habits still stick with him to this day. Ed wants kids to know how important it is to choose healthy foods over sugary or processed foods. “You have to know what you’re putting into your body [to get the best results],” he explains.

When Reed isn’t on the road, he uses Terra’s Kitchen at home for the convenience and health benefits. “With Terra’s Kitchen, you have the choice of what you put in your order, and you’ll learn more about nutrition. It’s going be healthier; it’s fresh.”

With a jam-packed schedule, Ed, like most people, values convenience. By cooking Terra’s Kitchen at home, he can make a quick, healthy meal with his family. “It all starts with taking care of yourself,” says Reed. He loves showing his son the ease of cooking a healthy meal and how important it is to eat well. “My son looks at me and says ‘Wow, Dad can cook!’”

Finding the time to plan meals, shop and cook is often the biggest obstacle to eating healthy, even for NFL all-stars post-retirement. “People don’t feel like they have the time, but if you’re using Terra's Kitchen, it’s going to provide you with enough time,” Reed explains.

Ed recently helped us put together a recipe collection of Terra's Kitchen favorites. Click below to get his recipe collection and find out what one of the NFL’s greatest safeties uses to feed his family and fuel his busy life.


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