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From Savannah with Love (A Valentine's Day Gift Guide)

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Feb 13, '18

From Savannah with Love - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

When we were looking for fresh gift guide ideas for Valentine’s Day, Libbie Summers, Terra’s Kitchen’s Creative Culinary Director, was our immediate go-to. Libbie has a knack for coming up with uniquely heartfelt and polished DIYs, events and recipes, so we asked her for her top Valentine’s Day picks from her hometown of Savannah, Georgia. Whatever your style and whoever you want to shower with love, these eats, treats, and fashionable gifts will make your Valentine feel super special this February.


💗 FACT: There is ALWAYS a jar of Smith Brother's Butcher Shop Raspberry Jalapeno Jam in our refrigerator! It's just the right part sweet and the right part vicious for me. Just a few of the ways I use it are a slater on morning toast, a light spread on a roasted chicken and brie sandwich or as a ham glaze. I've made a believer out of everyone I gift a jar to!

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam from Smith Brothers Butcher Shop

Photo courtesy of  Smith Brother's Butcher Shop

💗 SPRINKLES naturally! I'm proud to say I have a new line of beautiful and fun Libbie Summers' Sprinkle Mixes that just hit the market. I love them all so much it's hard to say which is a favorite, but for Valentine's Day I'd say go with the Hot and Heavy or French Kiss! Each jar has a cheeky quote like, "I learned in 8th grade that makeup doesn't hide a hickey."

Libbie Summers' Sprinkle MixesPhoto by Libbie Summers

💗 There is always a line around the block outside of Leopold's Ice Cream in Savannah and for good reason. Food and Wine even voted them one of America's Best Soda Fountains! Leopold's has been a Savannah tradition since 1919. The cool thing now, is you don't have to stand in line, you can sit and order online! Leopold's ships their ice cream all over the country. Some of my favorites are: Chocolate Chewies and Cream, Pistachio, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl and Banana


Photo by Chia Chong


💖 Jamie Bourgeois is as talented as a textile designer as she is adorable...and that's a lot!! Jamie divides her time between Savannah and Atlanta and I'm loving the series of naturally dyed Prairie Kerchiefs she is currently making. They are the PERFECT hand crafted chic gift!


Photo courtesy of Jamie Bourgeois


💟 I've been a fan of artist Elizabeth Winnell's "lipcentric" artwork for a few years now. It's fun and happy and girly! Available through Laney Contemporary Fine Art.

Elizabeth Winnell - Pink Lips Blue Drips

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Winnell

💟 Original artwork is an amazing gift to give someone you love. One of my favorite people and artist is Savannah-based Katherine Sandoz. Katherine specializes in paint and fibers based work inspired by nature. It's dreamy and inspiring and somehow magical...much like her. Available through Laney Contemporary Fine Art.


Photo courtsey of Katherine Sandoz


💕 In the South, we use guest towels, but not just any guest towels! I am a big fan of Savannah-based lifestyle designer Emily McCarthy. She does everything from Wallpaper to napkins. The cool thing about these fun Fringe Guest Towels is Emily lets you DESIGN THEM YOURSELF!! How fun. You pick the type of monogram, thread color etc... It's so easy and fun and you can say "Oh that? I designed that." :) 

Emily McCarthy - The Best Guest Towels

Photo courtesy of Emily McCarthy

💕 I'm not a gadget person. The tools I have in my kitchen are all for serious use, but that doesn't mean they aren't beautiful and in most cases hand made. Coastal Wood Design in Savannah makes the most gorgeous cooking tools. I've gifted many of their pizza cutters, bowls and cutting boards. But, my favorite thing is the pink ice cream scoop they made me!

Coastal Wood Design - Pink wood ice cream scoop

Photo courtesty of Coastal Wood Design

💕 A simple bar of Handmade Honey Bar Soap from the Savannah Bee Company is the perfect little gift! My home is filled with all of Ted's (that's the owner) products, because I love them and I love everything Ted does with his Bee Cause Project in schools. 

Handmade Honey Bar Soap - Photo by Chia Chong

Photo by Chia Chong



💑 I own two of these Super Hero sets...and they're for children...that's how much I love them! Savannah-based designer, Lane Huerta, started Lovelane Designs in 2006 and has been crushing it ever since as a female business owner, wife, mother and all around super cool chick. 


Photo courtesy of  Lovelane Designs


🐾 If your house is anything like mine, even the pets get a Valentine's Day treat! In Savannah, if your dog goes to daycare at Hipster Hound, they get picked up at your front door in a small school bus retrofitted with dog crates for seats! Not only does our dog love when the school bus picks her up for play dates, she loves all the natural home made treats from Hipster Hound! Her favorite is The Great Pumpkin.

Hipster Hound Dog Biscuits

Photo courtesty of Hipster Hound

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