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Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Grab Today

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Feb 14, '18

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Valentine’s Day is known as a day of super-personal gifts (like the ideas on this gift guide by Libbie Summers) and indulgences like chocolates, elaborate dinners, and champagne. While it is definitely okay to indulge every now and then, there are healthier alternatives that are just as meaningful and even romantic. Here are a few ideas for better-for-you gifts that you can still have time to grab on the way home from work today!

Indulge Together

Dark Chocolate and Organic Red Wine

Photos by @compartes and @grapefriend

Dark Chocolate - Chocolate is the most traditional Valentine's Day gift you can possibly give. Think beyond the heart-shaped box and look for dark chocolate instead! Dark chocolate is not only tasty but it also provides some impressive health benefits. You want to purchase dark chocolate that contains 72% or higher dark chocolate to get the antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits. There are plenty of high-end dark chocolate bars with beautiful packaging that you can even find in your local specialty grocery store (and they probably aren't sold out!). If you're in a major city, look for a custom chocolate bar store like Compartés for gourmet chocolate bars made from organic dark chocolate and other unique ingredients.

Organic Red Wine - If you're pairing wine with a romantic dinner, ask the sommelier to recommend an organic red wine. Not only is Red wine a part of the Mediterranean diet, it contains high levels of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols; specifically resveratrol. Organic wines tend to contain the highest amounts of resveratrol due to its growing conditions. Resveratrol can provide both anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits.


Grow Together

Houseplants and Herb Garden Kit

Photos by @thesill and @backtotheroots_official

Houseplants - Flowers are a nice gift, and we have some tips for those too if you prefer a bouquet, but don't rule out all of the great houseplants at your local florist, hardware store or grocery store. Unlike bouquets of flowers, houseplants last much longer and provide health benefits. Houseplants help remove toxins from the air wherever they're kept. Whether it’s a small heart-shaped hoya succulent or something much bigger; houseplants help create a zen space for better sleep and relaxation.

*If you have a pet, please check to make sure the plants are animal-friendly before purchasing

Herb Garden Kit - An herb garden kit is the perfect gift that keeps on giving if your sweetie likes to cook. Herbs like Basil, Cilantro and Parsley are all versatile herbs that not only taste great, but also provide some impressive health benefits. Cilantro in particular has research that states it can help remove heavy metals and can help protect the body from oxidative stress, plus you'll never be out when #TacoTuesday rolls around!


Spend Time Together

Couples workout or Terra's Kitchen gift card

Photos by @acrocontacttour and @terraskitchen

Gym Membership or Gym Apparel - Whether it’s a subscription to a new fitness class or that new pair of running shoes that your loved one has been eyeing, supporting your loved ones fitness goals is a win/win! Besides the physical benefits, exercise not only helps to reduce stress but can also help improve mood. Consider trying a new type of exercise like acroyoga or simply going to your favorite workout together at least once a week as a part of your gift!

Terra's Kitchen Gift Card - There's nothing better (or healthier) than a home cooked meal. Cooking at home together allows you to learn something new and spend a little time together each day. Plus, you'll know exactly what's going into your meal; salt, oil and all! So give the gift of health and love by giving a Terra's Kitchen gift card to your favorite foodie.


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