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How to Cut an Avocado in 5 Simple Steps

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Jul 21, '15

Avocados are a delicious, nutritious treat! This wonderful, healthy fat adds great texture and flavor diced on salads, nachos, over omelettes and more! There are so many different ways to enjoy diced avocado, but the actual dicing, while appearing simple, can be quite tricky.

How many times have you ended up with avocado everywhere, and usually mashed instead of the desired diced? Or, with bits of avocado peel in your dish? Worry no longer, we've got you covered!

Follow these simple steps to end up with perfectly diced avocado every time!

How to Cut an Avocado (Mess-Free!)

1. Slice avocado in half lengthwise from top to bottom.

2. Remove the pit by whacking with the heel of a chef's knife blade to embed the knife into the pit.

3. Give a little twist of the knife to loosen the pit from the flesh. Push the pit off your knife blade with your thumb.

4. Working one avocado half at a time, hold it in the palm of your hand and use a pairing knife or basic dinner knife to gently make cuts through the avocado flesh in a cross-hatch pattern - being careful not to cut through the peel.

5. Using a spoon, run it between the peel and the flesh to scoop out the diced pieces.

Now that you know how to dice an avocado, pair it with some Pico de Gallo and top off your favorite dish!


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