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How To Hack Your Terra's Kitchen Order

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Aug 20, '18

One of the biggest things that sets Terra's Kitchen apart from other meal kits is our flexibility. You may not know this but, with every delivery, you can customize and hack your order to create exactly what you want! Here are our Culinary Creative Director, Libbie Summers' tips for ordering and a little inside info about her top ordering  hacks.

1) Find your sweet spot

Unlike other meal kits, we don't require you to order a certain number of recipes each week! Yes, you heard that right! You aren't required to order 3 recipes each week. That way, you can decide how often you want to cook and plan your menu based on your personal needs, not some arbitrary meal-per-week requirement.

2) Use the whole menu

You can add healthy essentials for every meal and snack of the day to complete your delivery. So browse our menu and find your new favorite breakfast, lunch, snack or even a smoothie kit. We have everything from dessert to protein bars, so round out your order with a little surprise!

3) Change it up

Since we don't have weekly restrictions (other than our order minimum), you can change your order's composition from week to week. Order 3 or 4 meals for the times you want to do a lot of cooking or meal prep, and scale back to 2 recipes with a few lunches and snacks for whenever you're a little more busy. You're always in control of your delivery so it comes out perfect every time.

Ready to start customizing your next delivery? Use the filters to navigate our entire menu and re-imagine what a meal kit can deliver.

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