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How to Host A Pizza & Movie Night

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Sat, Feb 25, '17


Going out for a wild Friday night on the town just isn’t what it used to be. Staying in on  Friday night is a luxury cherished by busy adults everywhere. Just because you are staying in though, your Friday night doesn’t have to be boring. Pizza and a movie is one of the most classic Friday nights in, and just because it’s pizza doesn’t mean it has to be bad for you. Keep reading for our tips for throwing a nostalgic pizza party. TGIF!

Healthy Pizza Recipes


Just because pizza is known as an unhealthy food, just can turn things around with the right ingredients. The biggest source of saturated fat on your pizza is the cheese, and the gluten in the crust can be an issue for people with a gluten-sensitivity. There are ways around this though, like making your pizza crust using cauliflower and choosing the right amount and type of cheese. Try to use fresh mozzarella or goat cheese when you are choosing a cheese for your recipe.


Our Terra’s Kitchen flatbread meal kits have less gluten than traditional pizza crust, and they ensure you are getting plenty of veggie toppings like arugula, butternut squash, peppers and mushrooms. We also like the idea of creating a pizza topping bar and allowing your dinner guests to craft their own mini flatbread pizzas using our flatbreads with some of our prepared side dishes as toppings.


Movies to Watch


Watching a movie while eating a slice of pizza feels like a throwback to sleepovers or pizza nights from our adolescence. Whether you are eating and watching with your own kids or your friends, these are the perfect pizza-themed movies to take your pizza night to the next level.

  • Toy Story - Transport yourself to Pizza Planet with Woody, Buzz, and the gang. This is a great choice if you are watching with kids and the adults will enjoy it too.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - This one is a throwback for anyone who grew up in the 90’s. The effects might feel a little cheesy compared to movies these days, but fighting crime in the sewers of NYC never gets old over a slice of anchovy pizza.
  • Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Save this movie for an adult-only pizza party. This film is sure to bring back some memories of high school and wishing you were brave enough to have pizza delivered to you during class.
  • Eat Pray Love is the right movie for a pizza night with the girls. You can even pretend your pizza is from the famed L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele pizzeria.


After-Dinner Treats


If you are craving something sweet after dinner, we suggest trying some of these nostalgic treats that go hand in hand with any good old fashioned pizza party.

  • Creamy Chocolate Smoothie - Smoothies can be dessert too! This creamy chocolate smoothie is a good source of everything from protein to Calcium, Fiber and Iron which is way more than a traditional milkshake.
  • Marshmallow S’mores - We love this grown up twist on a traditional campfire snack. These aren’t your grandmother’s s’mores.
  • Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream - This recipe is pretty easy, but it does take an extra shot of patience. If it’s been a long week, enjoy a sundae made from your favorite store-bought ice cream, no guilt there!
  • Fruit pizza - If you are still hungry for more pizza, try using some of our cut fruit like mangoes, blueberries and pineapple to make a sweet pizza using fresh cut fruit.

Make things even easier by ordering meal kits to throw a healthy pizza night of your own. See our full menu and get started with meal delivery from Terra's Kitchen by clicking below.

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