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How To Make Our 4-Serving Menu Work Harder For You

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Oct 25, '18

Use 4-serving meals for meal prep

You may have noticed that we’ve started offering a lot more 4-serving meals on our menu. Even if you aren’t serving four people for dinner, you don’t have to miss out on these recipes. 4-serving recipes can be a time-saver especially for singles or couples. Here are a few ways we like to use these larger recipes to add efficiency to the cooking and meal prep process.
1. Master meal prep.
If you usually spend your Sundays meal prepping lunches or dinners for the week, our 4-serving recipes can save you a ton of time. Choose one or two recipes to prepare on Sunday and package up to enjoy during the week. You’ll be done with all of your meal prep in 1 hour or possibly even less!

2. Do double duty.
This is a great tip for couples who like to meal-prep lunches the night before. Try making a 4-serving recipe for dinner and saving the leftovers for lunch the next day. You’ll be making dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow which will save you time and money in the long run.

3. Fill your freezer.
Some of our 4-serving meals can even be frozen for longer term meal prep. Recipes like the Vegetable Minestrone Soup are easy to freeze and reheat on a day you want a nutritious, hearty meal without having to do any cooking!

Use these tips to give our 4-serving menu a try in your next delivery. We’re adding new recipes each week, so you’re bound to see some of your favorites launch as 4-serving meals.

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