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How to Thaw Meat Quickly and Safely

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Apr 30, '18

How to thaw frozen chicken safely

We ship proteins frozen in our eco-friendly vessel to ensure optimal freshness. As you unpack your order, choose which proteins you want to cook right away and store the rest in your freezer. Use these tips to thaw your meat quickly and safely when you're ready to start cooking.

The Benefits of Freezing Proteins

Your freezer is the ideal place to store proteins to make sure they stay fresh as long as possible. Freezing protects food from spoiling by preventing the growth of dangerous microorganisms. We freeze our proteins to ensure no quality is lost in the shipping or thawing processes.

How To Thaw Meat Safely

When you receive your delivery, some of your proteins may still be fully or partially frozen. If the meat feels hard and frozen to the touch or if you see ice crystals on the packaging, you'll need to thaw it before cooking. Store any proteins you don't plan on cooking right away in your freezer.

There are two methods we recommend for thawing meat quickly and safely:

Overnight thaw: If you have time, simply move your frozen protein from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Allow up to 24 hours to thaw using this method. If your meat is still frozen when you're ready to start cooking, don't worry, you can use the quick-thaw method.

Quick thaw: If you have a frozen protein that you need to cook right away, you can thaw it by placing it in a sealed container (like a zip-top bag) and submerging it in a cold water bath. This will thaw your protein by surrounding it in a cold environment that is still above freezing. This will accelerate the thawing process while keeping your meat safe.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

It's important to remember that you shouldn't cut corners when thawing meat! It can be tempting to accelerate the process by using hot water or by placing your meat on the counter to thaw.

Using hot water can partially cook the outside of the protein and may support the formation of harmful bacteria. We don't recommend thawing proteins in the microwave for similar reasons. The microwave will partially cook your protein, resulting in decreased quality.

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