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Introducing: Convergent Coffee Co. Cold Brew

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Aug 9, '17

Summer is in full swing and hot drinks just aren’t cutting it right now. With our usual cup of hot coffee out of the question, we reach for a cold brew coffee on our way out the door. Cold brew coffee has lower acidity levels and higher caffeine than normal coffee, and we wanted to bring the best cold brew to you. We found it in Convergent Coffee Co, and you can add the three flavors (House Nitro, Nitro Mocha, Nitro Coconut) to your next meal delivery from Terra’s Kitchen.

Convergent Coffee Cold Brew

 Convergent was founded by longtime friends Mike Woitach and Terry Darcy under the shared love of good food and good coffee. Mike runs the business and Terry’s background in neuroscience and biochemistry ensures they’re consistently delivering the perfect brew in every can.


“Terra’s Kitchen and Convergent Coffee share the same idea that foods and beverages with well-sourced, sustainable ingredients can also be convenient,” Woitach said.


The team at Convergent works with Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company, a Richmond, Virginia certified organic, fair trade craft coffee roaster (and TK-loved brand!) that is completely transparent about sourcing. (Plus, the cocoa nibs in the Nitro Mocha are sourced from Brazilian farms that use profits to reinvest in surrounding rainforests!)


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