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Introducing: Michele's Granola

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Sep 7, '17

Terra’s Kitchen loves to partner with local businesses, especially when we share the same values. When we had the opportunity to work with Michele’s Granola, we couldn’t pass it up. You can now add their Original Recipe Granola with Siggi's Yogurt to your next vessel. All their granola is handmade in their Timonium, Maryland kitchen.

Michele's Original Granola

Who is Michele’s Granola?

Michele’s grew out of a love for the taste of fresh-baked granola bars from the neighborhood bakery. When their founder, Michele, moved back home, she began making her own. Her new favorite hobby turned into a blooming business. They stay true to their small batch roots, baking and packaging all their products by hand in their Maryland kitchen.

Michele’s has three values they believe in: make delicious granola, make it green, and make it matter. They are dedicated to renewing our Earth’s resources and making a difference in the community - their facility is 100% powered by wind energy! Each employee also volunteers with nonprofits to support the community.

The granola is non-GMO, wheat and dairy free, vegan. You can have it on its own, in the morning with milk or yogurt (we recommend Siggi’s), or add it to your favorite dessert. If you’re craving an artistic meal, try styling your smoothie bowl with it.

Why The Partnership?

We share the same passion for sustainability and natural ingredients that Michele’s Granola has. Our climate-controlled vessel is reusable up to 100 times and our plastic packaging is recyclable. We also believe in healthy snacking, which this granola is perfect for.

When you start using meal delivery from Terra's Kitchen, you save time for the things that matter most. Our meals come with pre-prepped ingredients and can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. You also have access to a variety of grab-and-go options like this granola. Get started today.

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