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Introducing: Siggi's Vanilla Triple Cream Skyr Yogurt

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Sep 6, '17


At Terra’s Kitchen we only partner with companies who share our passion for healthy, all-natural foods that taste great and make our lives easier. That’s why we’re excited to start offering Siggi’s Icelandic-style yogurt for delivery. You can now add Vanilla Triple Cream Skyr to your weekly meal delivery from Terra’s Kitchen.

Siggi's Vanilla Triple Cream Skyr Yogurt

Siggi's was founded by Siggi Hilmarsson when he became homesick for a staple food he grew up with but couldn’t find in the US, skyr yogurt. Most yogurt on the shelves nowadays can be chock full of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colors, and you know that doesn’t fly in Terra’s Kitchen.

Skyr is a thick, creamy, high protein yogurt that has been a part of the Icelandic diet for thousands of years. It is a strained nonfat yogurt, made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. Then the whey, the water naturally found in milk, is strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier and concentrated yogurt. Using his mom’s recipe, Siggi began making his own yogurt in his home in New York.

Siggi’s yogurt is made with minimal ingredients, no artificial colors or sweeteners, and non-GMO. With a lot of protein and not a lot of sugar (at least 25% less sugar than leading flavored yogurts), Siggi’s makes a perfect breakfast, snack, post-workout, and dessert.

Why is it Terra’s Kitchen Approved?

We believe in offering the best foods to keep you healthy, with the ability to make time for family, friends, and yourself, all while taking our part in changing the environment for the better. Siggi’s yogurt is a nutritious staple to a healthy diet made with minimal ingredients using the best farming practices.

Meal delivery with Terra's Kitchen offers the best options and the most time saved, You can try this delicious yogurt from Siggi’s by adding it to your next week’s vessel. Get started now.

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