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Is Food Intolerance Affecting You?

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Oct 17, '16

food intolerance

Gluten-free and dairy free diets have become increasingly popular, with researchers estimating up to 15 million Americans with food allergies or food intolerance. Ninety percent of all allergic reactions come from milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish and, many of those reactions can be life threatening.

A sensitivity simply means that your body cannot fully digest a certain food. Eating foods that your body can’t process causes inflammation throughout the body that can be linked to a wide range of undesirable symptoms from fatigue to bloating to digestive issues. You might be surprised to find out that things like headaches and anxiety might also stem from a food intolerance. It’s important to know which foods you personally should avoid because unidentified food sensitivities can increase in severity over time.

One method of identifying intolerances is through an elimination diet. These diets eliminate certain food groups for a period of time and then slowly reintroduce them one by one. This is supposed to help identify which foods are causing the problem, but sometimes this isn’t accurate since symptoms are often inconsistent or delayed. This is why lab testing for food intolerances with health and nutrition professionals has increased in popularity as a way to accurately pinpoint the cause of any issues.

Our partner Nava Health and Vitality Center specializes in both diagnosing and designing nutrition plans for food sensitivities. They recommend this type of testing as a part of their Nava Wellness Diagnostic because understanding which foods affect is the first step in adjusting your diet and improving your life. Nava's food sensitivity panel covers more than 500 antibodies to provide a complete picture of your situation.

Once you have this information, you can use it in a variety of ways. Depending on your results and the symptoms you are experiencing, you may choose to eliminate certain foods entirely or simply be mindful of your consumption of foods. A nutritionist, like Nava’s Director of Nutrition Ana Goldseker, CNC, can help to design a nutrition plan to create harmony within your body. Ana believes in eating non-processed whole foods like the ones we use in all of our meals at Terra’s Kitchen.

Our menu is designed to deliver delicious meals while easily eliminating foods you may be sensitive to, especially gluten and dairy . Each of our recipe cards and ingredient boxes list all allergens that are present, so you have full ability to control what goes into each of your meals.


Have you adjusted your diet for a food sensitivity? Tune in to our Facebook Live event on Wednesday October 26 at 1pm ET to learn more about food sensitivity panels and ask questions of our own Dr. Lisa and Nava’s Director of Nutrition Ana Goldseker.

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