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June Menu Update: Savory Summer Recipes

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Jun 15, '16

Savory Summer Recipes

Our Culinary Creative Director Libbie Summers is constantly at work rotating our menu with the seasons and so you never get bored. With summer in full swing, our newest menu additions incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients and tastes from all over the world. We hope you enjoy these meals and some good conversation with the family around your table this week.

1.) Chuck’s Pasta Party Bowl. Finally a pasta dish you don’t have to feel guilty about! There are plenty of veggies like spinach and leeks to go with the orzo and feta in this dish. Gather your family around the table, and pour yourself a Witbier, it’s party time. Oompa!TK_171_1.jpg

 2.) Treat yourself to Vegetable Fried Rice without any of the junk that often comes in your takeout box. Instead, our Vegetable Fried Rice is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This dish is filled with bok choy, red onions, carrots, and scallions. You control the spice level in this recipe. Add as much Sriracha as you dare!


 3.) It’s time to add a new recipe to your Taco Tuesday rotation. Our Purple Haze Tacos with sweet rubbed flank steak and a spicy fennel slaw will add some cool to your dining nook. Set up your taco bar and get ready for some table talk about time travel.


 4.) The Roasted Brown Sugar Salmon with Orange Jicama Salad offers a more sophisticated option for seafood lovers. The salad of arugula, mint, fennel, jicama, with a bright orange vinaigrette taste like summer. Keep your wine paring simple with a Pinot Grigio and let the sweet roasted salmon and citrus salad do the talking.


 5.) We aim to bring you interesting ingredient combinations, and this last recipe does not disappoint. It combines one of our favorite ingredients, brussel sprouts, with an unexpected partner, grapes. The Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Grapes Over Tender Chicken will please your entire table with the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and don’t forget that you can add extra chicken to your order to increase the overall portion sizes or the total number of servings.


 Head over to our menu to add these meals to your vessel this week.

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