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Introducing: ZÜPA NOMA Superfood Soups

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, Nov 8, '17

Whether at home or on the go, ZÜPA NOMA Superfood Soup is the perfect veggie-packed complement to a Terra’s Kitchen meal – or to tide you over in between! We partnered ZÜPA NOMA because they care as much as we do about ingredient sourcing, sustainability, and convenience.

Veggies should taste as good as they make you feel. Using only the highest quality, organic ingredients -- picked fresh at the peak of ripeness -- ZÜPA NOMA Superfood Soups give you 4+ servings of wholesome vegetables with a perfect blend of antioxidant-rich seasonings, leaving you feeling amazing.


As part of this partnership, Terra’s Kitchen will be offering three delicious flavors of ZÜPA NOMA Superfood Soup. The soups are delivered to you in packs of two and all are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and low-calorie.


Carrot Coconut Lime

This wholesome combo of carrots, apples and coconut milk creates a sweet and savory (Certified Organic!) blend with a powerful punch of antioxidants.


Tomato Gazpacho

Combine ripe tomatoes sweetened with anti-inflammatory Certified Organic vegetables and spices for a traditional, wholesome Spanish-style soup.


Cucumber Avocado

This creamy blend is also perfect for breakfast because apple cider vinegar coats the stomach for better digestion, aiding in gut health.

Terra's Kitchen offers great-tasting meal options to fit your lifestyle, and these ZÜPA NOMA soups are no exception. They combine the high-quality vegetables with the perfect blend of seasonings and spices to create a superfood soup full of nutrients and antioxidants that's easy to enjoy on the go.

Terra’s Kitchen makes meal planning as simple as possible. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any snack in between, Terra’s Kitchen has you covered with options for any schedule and lifestyle. Delivered conveniently in a chilled vessel, your food is guaranteed fresh when you’re ready to unpack and load your fridge. Get started today with Terra's Kitchen meal delivery service and make meal planning easy.