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Kefir Cinnamon Oat Heart Pancakes

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Feb 9, '17


From Valentine's Day to Mother's Day, to an unexpected Sunday morning, a special breakfast is always a nice surprise! We suggest trying this gluten-free recipe for Kefir Cinnamon Oat Pancakes. These fluffy, tangy, gluten-free pancakes are made with kefir which is a cultured milk product that provides a whole list of amazing health benefits including improving gut health. To make this healthy breakfast even more lovely, make your pancakes in a heart shape! 

Recipe by Libbie Summers

Photography by Chia Chong


Nutritional Information

Serves 4

Calories - 272

Category – Vegetarian and Gluten-Free

Allergens – Contains Milk and Egg

Excellent source of - Protein

Good source of – Fiber and Iron


What you need

1 ½  cups oat flour
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
½ teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 large egg
1 cup unflavored whole milk kefir
Neutral oil such as canola or sunflower, for frying
Pure Maple Syrup or Agave Syrup (optional)
Fresh Berries (optional)

What to do:
1.) Preheat oven to 200º F. Have an ovenproof plate at the ready.
2.) In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.
3.) In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the egg, kefir.
4.) Add kefir mixture to the dry ingredients and stir JUST to combine (don’t over stir, there will be a few lumps). NOTE: Since kefir’s thickness can vary, your batter may be a bit too thick. If it is, simply add one tablespoon of water at a time until you get to a proper pancake batter consistency.

5.) Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add enough oil to slick the surface, and decrease the heat to medium-low or low. 

6.) Working in batches, scoop batter into the hot pan. Cook until bubbles begin to form on the top of the pancakes and the underside is golden brown. Flip and cook until pancakes are cooked through (they will spring back when touched). Stack on the oven safe plate and place in the oven while finishing up the other pancakes. Serve warm with a drizzle of syrup (optional) and fresh berries (optional).

Pro Tip: To make your pancakes heart shaped (or any shape really) try using a squeeze bottle. Pour the batter into a squeeze bottle with at least a ¼-inch opening and squeeze the batter into a heart shaped pattern in the hot pan…don’t worry, the first one always looks like a broken heart!

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