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Kid-Friendly Recipes from Terra's Kitchen

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Tue, Sep 13, '16

Terra's Kitchen fits into each family's life in a different way, which is why we asked members of our team to tell us how fresh meal delivery is making an impact on their lives. Our team is diverse including everyone from seasoned parents, to a couple with a newborn, to 30-somethings with no kids, to single guys living in the city, and interns who are fresh out of college. All of our tables look different, but with the help of meal boxes from Terra's Kitchen we can all put healthy dinners on the table more and more often. 

Today's story is from Megan, our Director of Partner Relations and mom to 6 and  8 year old girls. By day she is focused on running events and corporate partnerships for TK while also making sure her girls get to horseback riding and karate on time. Like most parents, she finds its easy to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to dinner menus, but that is where Terra's Kitchen steps in.

From Megan-

When the words “What’s for dinner” come out of the mouth of a kindergartner, it means something completely different than when a grown up is asking. Often, as parents, we tend to choose the path that doesn’t rock the boat in the mind of our little ones.

The saying “Never wake a sleeping baby,” also applies to when looking for kid friendly recipes. It’s not that you don’t want to try new things. If you are like me, you simply are hesitant to go through a cycle of potential waste: wasted time and wasted food. You can’t afford the time designing the menu, shopping for the new ingredients and preparing an unfamiliar meal only to have service denied by a 6 year old tableside. Whenever my family tries anything for the first time, it takes us a little longer. In the mind of an already over-tasked parent, why waste all of that precious time; chicken nuggets are at least protein, right?

In an effort to save time, I will get to the point. In my house we have a few meal mantras. “You don’t have to finish it, but you do have to try it,” and “Adventure bites.” If you say this anywhere near my kids, they will roll their eyes and join you in harmony. I have effectively driven home the point that I want them to try new foods, but I noticed that I wasn’t really providing them with anything new. I was in a rut.

Once the Terra’s Kitchen vessels started arriving at our front door, however, my girls jumped at the opportunity to take ownership over the process. They unloaded our vessel, stacked ingredients in the refrigerator, peeled the return sticker, and dragged it back to the front porch. The next step was obvious -- let’s cook a TK meal!

I am not going to lie -- I stammered a little as I tried to “sell”  Blackened Tilapia Tacos with Blueberry & Mango Salsa to my 6 year old. I will also continue to tell the truth when I tell you that she crossed her arms and said, “Nope.” Fortunately for me, hearing the word “no” only makes me push harder, so I skipped into the kitchen ready to prove my daughter wrong.

The meal only took 20 minutes to make; I know this because the show that I had turned on for them to watch pre-dinner wasn’t over when I called them to the table. So here it was, the moment of truth, as I looked at my girls and said, “It’s adventure bite time. You don’t have to finish it but you do have to try it.” They obviously spit out the first bite just to prove to me that this was clearly the worst thing they had ever had and that they knew it all along. However with patience and persistence, they gobbled up the rest of the meal. This recipe is now a favorite in our house, second only to the Crispy Citrus Chicken.

So, how much time, effort, or resources did I waste by cooking a Terra’s Kitchen meal for my 6 and 8 year old? None. The benefit now is that when I do go to a restaurant, my 6 year old might ask what the fresh catch of the day is instead of a PB&J and that feels pretty good!



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