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Meet Melody, the 9-Year-Old Terra’s Kitchen Superchef

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Nov 29, '17



One of the best parts about our simple recipes is that it gives kids a chance to help out with dinner and learn cooking skills! We loved hearing Tina’s story of how her daughter, Melody, gets involved with preparing meals and talked to them about cooking with TK.

What made you feel comfortable allowing Melody to help?

When we ordered Terra's Kitchen, it was a special project to allow her to cook a meal on her own. I read that most of TK's [ingredients] came prepared and some even pre-chopped, which would make it easier for her, and also made me feel comfortable allowing her to chop easy items only when needed. I allowed her to prepare and cook with minimal supervision.

What new foods/flavors has Melody tried since cooking with TK?
She’s tried mushrooms, pico de gallo and sriracha. (TK note: We love that Melody is being introduced to and trying new flavors!)

Why would you recommend TK to other parents?
The quality of food and having pre-portioned ingredients ready to cook is great. I love the delicious CLEAN eating and it’s super fun for kids!

What are three words you'd use to describe TK?
Delicious. Nutritious. Easy.


How old are you?

When did you start helping in the kitchen?
I started helping my mom make spaghetti when I was about 6.


Where did you learn how to plate??
I did not learn from a class, but I love art and I go with my instincts when plating meals.

Your dishes are amazing.
Thank you!

What's your favorite TK meal to cook?
The BLT (Bacon, Leeks, Tomato) Pasta. (TK note: Have you ever heard of a 9-year-old LIKING leeks?? We love Melody’s style.)

What are three words you'd use to describe TK?  

Delicious. Fun. Simple.


Do your kids help in the kitchen? Share your pics with #terraskitchen; we want to see them! Want to get your kids involved with cooking in the kitchen? Check out our menu full of easy to prepare meals!


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