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Meet the Experts: Sherri Jacobs, Integrative Wellness Consultant

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Aug 21, '17

Sherri Jacobs - Integrative Wellness Consultant
The Terra’s Kitchen team is led by culinary, health and wellness experts like Dr. Lisa Davis and Libbie Summers, but our network of experts doesn’t stop at our internal team. We actively seek out and partner with health practitioners around the country who share our passion for clean, healthy eating and are dedicated to educating their clients about the life-changing effects of diet.
Sherri Jacobs is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist in Charleston, SC. She and her husband, Stockton are the President and Vice President of the South Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians and members of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the American College of Nutrition. Together they specialize in women's and men's health, nutritional biochemistry, detoxification, GI health, hormone management, mood disorders and epigenetics (the role of “environment” on the expression of our genes.)
Their care is centered around health coaching, delivering clinical nutrition, integrative wellness plans and nutrition-based lab studies. Sherri is a lecturer, medical writer and author of Charge UP and Fascia Fix Food Plan. Sherri offers Terra’s Kitchen meal plans to her clients and  provides cleanse-approved Terra’s Kitchen meals that meet the dietary requirements of her 21 day Metabolic Cleanse. 
She recently spoke with Terra’s Kitchen about her daily routines and eating habits. As a busy professional and mother of two, Sherri is proof that you can juggle your daily demands without compromising your health. 
TK: What kind of morning routine do you follow? 
Sherri: I am a morning person. I love to wake up early when my brain is sharp and I get going! I feel most creative and inspired in the morning. I start each morning with our Fascia Fix collagen powder mixed with lemon/ water for hydration and to stimulate collagen production. I move on to a cup of coffee and I hit the ground running. I check my news feed,  make a to do list for the day, respond to patient emails, prep for patient visits and I often write something for a blog, a program or a book in the works. I always find time to workout in the morning because if I don't, it won’t get done! I save self-reflection and quiet time for the evening when I am feeling more tired and my brain is more relaxed. 
TK: When did you make your first major diet change? What made you realize you needed to change something? How did that affect your lifestyle? 
Sherri: I made my first major diet change as the end of high school into college when a dear friend was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She opted for a macrobiotic dietary approach in combination with conventional treatment. Together, we studied at the Kushi institute and spent over a year following a strictly macrobiotic diet. I learned so much about what it means to eat healthy fresh food and how food fuels the body physically, emotionally and spiritually. That experience fueled my desire to learn and started my trajectory to become a Naturopathic Dr and nutritionist.
Sherri Jacobs - Charleston, SC
TK: What do you eat throughout the day?
Sherri: Personally, I do best on a higher protein, higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet. There are a myriad of parameters I review for myself and my patients to help me determine the best dietary approach, from blood type to detailed genetic testing to food sensitivity testing, as well as dietary experimentation. After suffering in younger years from frequent bouts of hypoglycemia and sugar addiction, I have now taught my body how to burn fat for fuel and I am no longer subject to food cravings and blood sugar swings. Most days, I skip breakfast or have protein and some fat only. I feel best working out in the morning in a fasted state.
When I have planned and prepared I usually have a clean protein (sustainable fish, grass-fed meat, pastured eggs, etc.), clean fat (true olive oil from a trusted source, unrefined coconut or red palm oil sustainably harvested) and veggies for lunch. If I’m running out of the door, I often grab an apple, almond butter, a hard boiled egg and olives.
I always have a clean, vegetable based protein powder with nutrients on hand to mix in water for an afternoon snack. I keep a jar of coconut butter at my desk for a quick, satisfying snack. 
TK: What about your exercise habits?
Sherri: I enjoy high intensity, short duration exercise like Tabata training mixed with some heavier weight training. I love listening to podcasts and walk my dogs daily zoning out with earbuds
TK: How do you fend off food cravings? What do you eat to satiate those?
Sherri: I fend off cravings by prevention. I have done testing and years of experimentation to find what works for me so in general, I do not have food cravings. When I do, I listen to them and usually indulge. If I start craving carbs and sugars too frequently. I know my system is off and I need to adjust timing of foods and increase proteins, fats and increase specific nutrients like vitamin B6. I also use collagen and the amino acid, glutamine, for cravings.
TK: What do you do when you need an afternoon energy boost?
Sherri: I use collagen powder, I keep coconut butter at my desk and I drink various teas like green tea and yogi tea.
TK: What about your dinner routine? Do your kids help you cook?
Sherri: We don't really have a routine per se, except we mostly cook at home. We belong to a local meat share and have a variety of local clean meats in the freezer on hand. I always keep frozen veggies on hand as a backup, in case we run out of fresh. We will often have sweet potatoes or rice as well and I usually have tea in the evening with collagen hydrolysate powder.
One thing I love about TK's meal service is that my 13 year old is the perfect age to follow instructions and get a gourmet meal ready for the entire family! 
TK: What are some of your family's favorite meals?
Sherri: We love to eat and gratefully, my kids have a varied palate. We love all types of seafood, meats and veggies. We love having Mediterranean night where we set out a variety of foods around the table like olives, cheese, sourdough bread/ olive oil drizzle, pickled shrimp, peppers, tomatoes and asparagus. 
We also love pizza! Luckily for us, no one in the family has any food allergies and we have all done our "due diligence" for food sensitivities, including food testing, genetic testing and hypoallergenic diet. We are able to indulge in pizza and not feel negative effects after. 
TK: What healthy treats do your kids love?
Sherri: Dried nori (seaweed), plantain chips, sliced apples with cheese or nutbutter, Persian cucumbers with sea salt, olives, plain yogurt with coconut sugar.
TK: Any late night snacks?!
Sherri: My favorite after dinner snack is frozen cherries. Sweet, tart and delicious. Cherries are one of the food highest in melatonin so also helpful for sleep. I love pouring coconut cream over frozen blueberries as an evening dessert. The coconut makes a creamy shell around the berries...yum
TK: Do you have a favorite favorite food-centric memory?
Sherri: My mom and dad divorced when I was 2 years old but remained close over the years. For the past few years, dad would meet us at mom's house for our favorite sea palm and rice noodles dish. We made a concerted effort to come together for family noodle night every couple weeks. My dad passed away a couple years ago and I cherish those dinners we had together! There is no vacation or party or present that could ever compare to those fun and intimate moments we had together as a family....enjoying food and each other.
TK: How do you balance family and work while still making time to nourish yourself?
Sherri: I have no idea-ha! I am particularly challenged because I am in the health profession and taking care of people all day long as well. I truly love what I do for a living and I prioritize health and wellness for my patients, my family and myself. When you really love something, balance comes more naturally. I look forward to creating health in many aspects of my life. Of course, at this point, with a 10 year established practice and one of my children is almost 14 years old, I have had a lot of practice with finding balance.
TK: Do you have any personal life hacks that save you valuable time?
Sherri: Waking up early and getting things done early helps me. I have gotten better over the years at time chunking. For example, I try to only check email and answer twice per day and I do not check it at all on the weekend. I have a variety of online tools that help me manage my practice like online scheduling and automated forms and reminders. Over the years I have moved my practice to an equal amount of in person visits and Virtual video consults using specialized software. Since most of the information I need to work with patients comes from functional nutrition testing, the need for in office visits is minimal. My virtual days help me chunk my time since I do not have to wear heels or drive to the office.
TK: I know you offer Terra's Kitchn as an option for your clients during your 21 day Metabolic cleanse, but do you use the service yourself? Have you tried any other meal kit services?
Sherri: We have used the service and it is my preferred service because of the attention TK pays to food quality and the pre-prepped meals. For us, when doing a meal kit service it is for convenience and I have found other service like Plated, while delicious, too time consuming. 

If you’re in the Charleston area and would like to schedule an appointment with Sherri, you can do so via her site, or learn more about Sherri’s writing and research check out her other sites:
If Sherri’s story has inspired you to take the initiative to get your health and life back on track, Terra’s Kitchen can help! Click  to learn more about our healthy (and convenient) meal kits.
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