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Meet The Terra's Kitchen App

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Mar 16, '17

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There's a reason we deliver ingredients that are already washed, measured, and chopped — it's just more convenient! With Terra's Kitchen meal delivery serivce, we aim to make your life easier with every menu item or new feature. That's why we're pleased to announce that our mobile app is now available for download on the iTunes and Google Play stores! Here are some of our favorite features on the app and how to use them.

  1. Manage your deliveries on the goCreate your perfect order from anywhere! Choose your meals for an upcoming delivery or skip weeks straight from your mobile device. Plan your meals up to four weeks in advance and always be sure you are getting only the meal kits you like.
  2. Sync your calendar - If you are someone who lives by their calendar, you are going to love this feature! Click the green half-circle at the bottom of the app to open the features-tray and click 'Sync Calendar.' This will add your cutoff and delivery dates to your calendar so you never miss a beat.
  3. Get notifications + stay up to date on all things TK - If you prefer popup notifications for things like important dates without syncing your calendar, we offer that too! Popup notifications  default to an 'On' status for things like new content, upcoming orders, upcoming deliveries and vessel pickup. You can customize which notifications you want in the Settings section. Your Notifications section will show you any new notifications including things like new recipes or blog posts
  4. Cook along with our recipes + videos - You can access all of our recipes via the app. This is especially helpful if you misplaced a recipe card or for those days when you are just looking for something new to try for dinner! If you are more of a visual learner, check out our video section in the features-tray for easy to follow recipe videos of our most popular meals.
  5. Improve your cooking - Learn new cooking skills from our team of experts in the tips & hacks section in the features-tray. Keep track of time while you cook using our recipe timer. You can create multiple timers for everything you are cooking from sweet potatoes to quinoa to ensure everything comes out just right.
  6. Make dinner fun - Of course food is important to us, but the connections made over a homemade meal are paramount! Find new #TableTalk topics for tonight's dinner in the features-tray and get the conversation going.
  7. Share your experience - We love seeing what you're cooking and learning about your Terra's Kitchen experience. You can share pictures to social media by going to the features-tray and clicking 'Take A Photo.'

Get started with the Terra's Kitchen app today. It is free to download and you don't have to be a customer to take advantage of the recipes, videos, tips + hacks, recipe timer and more!


Download the Terra's Kitchen App on the iTunes App Store

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