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How To Have The Best Friendsgiving Ever

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Nov 18, '16

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Friendsgiving is way more fun than regular Thanksgiving (sorry, Mom & Dad & Grandma). This is your chance to do Thanksgiving on your terms with all of the good food and none of the awkward “catching up” table talk with relatives you barely know. Here are our top tips for doing Friendsgiving right this year.

A-team only. This is your chance to celebrate what is traditionally a family-centric holiday with the people YOU choose, aka your friend-family. Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you know, this should just be your closest crew. Include kids if possible. This makes the execution of a Friendsgiving meal easier on your friends who have kids. Of course, this only applies if your inner circle has added some littles to the equation, no need to invite kids if you don’t know any.

Teamwork. Potluck is an ideal way to spread out the prep work, but make sure to coordinate who is bringing what. You don’t want to be surprised on the night of your event to find that several people brought mashed potatoes and nobody made the turkey. Whatever you decide for your meal, don’t make this part stressful! There are no rules or traditions you have to follow here. Whatever your friends like making and eating will be perfect. Libbie recently developed some healthy options for side dishes that you can bring to your Friendsgiving celebration as well as a vegan pumpkin & coconut mousse that is a low sugar option for dessert. Encourage participation in all aspects of the meal from the food to the decorations. Adding an informal dress code, like asking everyone to wear plaid, is a simple way to have everyone participate, and it will make your pictures look amazing.

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Keep it simple. Holiday season is officially here. In addition to this Friendsgiving dinner party, your calendar is probably already filling up with work parties, gift exchanges, and ambitious DIY projects to be completed in the coming weeks. Do not go over the top with this party. Keep decorations to a minimum. Try some adding something simple but memorable to each place setting for instant impact. Another idea is to use butcher paper as a tablecloth and put crayons at each place setting so your guests can doodle during the meal.

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Libations for the occasion. We love the idea of offering a signature drinks on Friendsgiving and allowing guests to choose their own wine during the meal. These apple cider moscow mules are calling our name for pre-dinner drinks (bonus points for serving in the copper mugs!). For after dinner, instead of a coffee service, we like Belle Isle Craft Spirits’ cocktail called A Rough Night With The Eagles. It combines their cold brew moonshine with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate bitters to create a sophisticated take on a Black Russian.



Host appreciation. The friend who is hosting your meal should absolutely be thanked with a host gift. Cater what you choose to the person and what you think they would like. In our recent Thanksgiving #TableTalk event on Facebook Live, our Culinary Creative Director Libbie Summers suggested bringing a treat for after the guests are gone and the house is quiet. Something that can be enjoyed the next day, like cinnamon rolls, some new vinyl for their collection, or a beautiful candle make great host gifts.  


TableTalk. Getting the conversation going shouldn’t be hard because these are your people! Use this opportunity to share with each of your friends what you admire about them and why you are thankful to have them in your life. If you need inspiration, check out any of our recipe cards for some questions to ask around the table. If you don’t know who your BFF’s favorite NKOTB member or Bill Murray movie, this is a great time to ask!


Jam out. Cue the laughter when someone asks, “Is this Kenny G?” Whose playlist is this?” Regardless of the time of year, there is no question that music brings us together and having the right tunes for your celebration will take it to the next level. Here are a few tunes that are sure to get the party started from our TK Friendsgiving playlist.


Leftovers. As fun as it is to head home with a plastic baggie full of mashed potatoes, there is a better way! Lately we have been re-using our TK trays for make-ahead lunches, and Friendsgiving is a great occasion to use this #TKHack to bring leftovers home. Just remember to transfer your food to a plate before reheating!


Don’t dine and dash if you can avoid it. Spend as much time as you can together before things get really busy before the holidays, you won’t regret it.



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