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Give Your Pantry A Quick Makeover

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Aug 31, '17

Spring is long gone and you never got around to cleaning out that overflowing pantry? Use these tips to get your pantry organized - and yourself re-inspired in the kitchen!




Every good pantry makeover must begin with a hearty dose of organized chaos and a thorough wipe down. Pull everything out and start sorting…

  1. Divide into zones: used rarely, used daily, and used sometimes.
  2. Dedicate that hard to reach top shelf (Zone 1) to rarely used items such as cake stands, party supplies, disposable plates, cups, utensils.
  3. Place daily staples on eye-level shelves (Zone 2).
  4. Reserve floor space (Zone 3) for paper towels and heavy items such as juice and bottled water. Unwrap food, even dry dog food, from bulky packaging and sort into tidy, space-saving containers with lids.
  5. Create cubbies to section off areas of your pantry and a half wall to allow space to store your trash can and vacuum.
  6. Jars, crates, and baskets are your best friends!
  7. Group similar items, repackage and transfer dry goods into clear, stackable containers.
  8. Tap into your inner OCD (we know it’s in there!) with labels and colorful sharpies.
  9. Lighting is an often overlooked element of pantry redesign- repurpose an interesting fixture or if you don’t already have electrical wired, mount a few battery powered tap lights in dark corners.
  10. Install sliding drawers for deep shelves so you’re not having to dig behind items to find things.



Not quite ready for a full redesign? Try these simple (and cheap) tricks!

  1. Store tea and coffee on a serving tray that carries easily to the countertop.
  2. Use a magazine holder for aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, or canned goods.
  3. Make your own lazy susan to clean up corners of your panty and keep spices organized.
  4. Keep that bulky supply of plastic grocery bags out of sight and easily accessible in a wipes container.
  5. Mount wire baskets on the back of your pantry doors to store bottles, sauces and cans.
  6. Install hooks on empty wall space or on the back of the pantry door to hang aprons, oven mitts, or reusable shopping bags.
  7. Hang a clipboard with inventory sheets to keep track of what you have (and avoid duplicating ingredients that might expire) and a running grocery list to make trips to the store quicker and easier.
  8. Use chalkboard paint on the backs of pantry doors to create boards for weekly menu ideas, grocery lists, and special requests from the kids.