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"Polished in a Pinch:" Bring Personality to Your Shelves!

Written by Libbie Summers | Thu, May 25, '17

Nothing makes my OCD heart happier than to styling a bookshelf! Styling a shelf is a quick and easy way to change up a room with very little investment. This Spring Shelfie, with its cheery citrus inspiration, is so stinkin’ adorable and the only thing that didnt come from my home was a bowl of fruit!

Welcome to “Polished in a Pinch,” our weekly lifestyle series with Creative Culinary Director, Libbie Summers. Each week, Libbie will share a new hack, tip, or recipe to take things to the next level in a short amount of time. Welcome to “Polished in a Pinch!” 


Here are my 6 "Ps" to styling a shelf: 
  1. Paper Your Books! Colorful wrapping paper is an inexpensive way to add fun color and a little drama. I had a roll of the cutest lemon and lime printed paper, so I covered a few books in it. (I never cover all my books, because I love the colorful spines.) The plus is I can still use it to wrap gifts when I slide it off the books! *Tip: Use books to "lift" a special object. Here, I lifted up a playful horse head ceramic lamp.
  2. Pepper in Layers! This is my favorite part. I gather up everything that goes with my theme (this one is Spring) and start adding them onto the shelves. On this shelf, I used a tray of glasses, colorful utensils, a leftover paper party fan and a vintage cup printed with the #4 (a nod to the 4 pillars of the Terras Kitchen philosophy).
  3. Plants and Produce! ALWAYS add something organic to your shelves ... always. Here, I replanted one of my house plants in a bright yellow pot and added a colorful bowl of citrus.
  4. Photos and Paintings! Make your shelves personal by adding framed photos and artwork you love. On this shelf, I framed a snapshot of just-picked grapefruits that ran down the center of the table from one of my dinner parties. Its special to me because the guest of honor took the photo.
  5. Pop Color! The two paintings helped informed the color additions. A trio of cake stands that usually live in my pantry found a new home stacked in front of the fun balloon dog painting. *Tip: A handful of colorful straws is perfect to fill a cup for an inexpensive bang of color!
  6. Polish with Personality! Hands down my favorite part! There should always be something fun on your shelves that expresses your personality and makes people giggle. Because of my fondness for pigs, naturally I added a festive orange swine!
If you follow the P's, I promise your next shelfie will be on point. Above all ... just have fun.
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