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"Polished in a Pinch:" Watermelon Gift Wrap and Wallpaper

Written by Libbie Summers | Wed, May 10, '17



This watermelon gift wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping up summer gifts!

What you need:
    -Butcher paper (waxed on one side)
    -Watermelon colored craft paint (I like to mix three colors: pink, light pink and red)
    -Flat tipped paint brush (1/2 to 1-inch)
    -Paper plate and water
    -Thick dark green sharpie® marker
    -Thick light green sharpie® marker
    -Black sharpie® marker

What to do:

  1. Roll out paper (wax side down) onto a flat surface.
  2. Mix the paint: Squirt paint onto paper plate (2 parts pink, 1 part light pink, 1 part red) add a little water and mix with the brush.
  3. Paint the watermelon flesh: Paint half circles all over paper in various sizes and going different directions. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint the watermelon rind: Using the flat side of the dark green marker, draw a green line 1/2-inch away following the curve side of the watermelon slice. Using the flat side of the light green marker, draw a line on the inside of the dark green line. There will be a white space between the light green and the watermelon flesh.
  5. Paint the watermelon seeds: Using the tip of the black marker draw teardrop shapes along the flat side of the watermelon flesh. I usually do two rows.

Pro tip: Save this image to your phone or desktop to use as home screen wallpaper!

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