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Put An Egg On It: Use Those Leftover Eggs

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, Apr 26, '17

It’s the week after Easter, so you probably have a bunch of leftover eggs. So what should you do with them? We have a few delicious ways to add them to your favorite meals. Check it out!

For some added protein (and flavor), cook an egg sunny-side up and top your homemade pizza. Pro tip: Cook the pizza with the toppings of your choice first, and then add the egg.


A plain burger with ketchup is a thing of the past. Join the fancy burger craze and impress your friends by adding an egg! It tastes great with arugula, onions and sliced avocado. (Try adding an egg to our Black Bean Sliders or Ball Hawk Sliders.)


Try it on garlic fried rice. The flavors taste great together and you can cook the egg however you want: scrambled, sunny-side up or poached. Order our Cauliflower Fried Rice for a healthier low-calorie option.


Need more ideas for what to do with those leftover Easter eggs? Check out the Facebook Live event with our Culinary Director, Libbie Summers!