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Save Time With Our Most Convenient Meal Ideas

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Oct 10, '16

Convenient Meal Ideas

Short on time for dinner tonight? Need meal ideas? Hate washing pots and pans with every fiber of your being? Dread having to peel, chop and prep because your skills aren’t up to snuff? Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to take up your entire evening or require hours of weekend preparation. All of our meal kits clock in at under 30 minutes, and no, that is not the time it takes a professional chef to make get these dinners on the table.

Fastest Time Start To Finish. Both of these meals clock in right at 20 minutes to make. How do we do it? Pre-chopped ingredients are a huge advantage that will help take you over the finish line faster than you thought possible. Saving 10 minutes a day adds up -- what will you do with all of that spare time?

No Prep Required! Seriously, we even have options that fall into the zero prep category. All you have to do is put this in one of your own dishes to make it look like your own.

  • Kale Caesar with Chicken from our Grab-n-Go Salad menu

Kale Ceaser Salad | Meal Ideas

We believe you should be spending your spare time with the people you love, not struggling in the kitchen to put healthy meals on the table. Check out our menu for even more meals that can be completed quickly by a real person like you, all under 30 minutes.

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