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Refer a Friend and Earn Free Meals

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, May 15, '17

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Our recipe for real life isn't meant to be a family secret! We need your help sharing the secret sauce that makes Terra's Kitchen a recipe for your real life! Help us spread the word and watch your TK credit add up.

Each friend who signs up using your invite link will receive $40 off their first order and you'll earn a $25 credit on your account once their first vessel is en route! You can find your unique invite link and share by logging in to your account, going to your account settings, and clicking on the Refer A Friend tab.

Not sure who to invite? Here are some of the people who we know love our service:

Families with kids

From the extracurricular events that fill most families' schedules to catering to different ages around the table, the dinner hour is just more hectic with kids in the equation. Our prepped ingredients are like having your own personal sous chef, which is something any parent will appreciate after a long day.

Couples who are always on the go

Cooking can be a fun bonding activity as well as an effective stress-releaver for any busy couple. We have customers all over the country, from young urban-dwelling couples to empty nesters from the suburbs, who tell us that they love cooking our meals together!

Your health-concious friends

Eating a Paleo, gluten-free or vegetarian diet doesn't have to mean sacrificing convenience and flavor. Our meals are designed to be plant-strong, nutrient-dense, balanced and, most importantly, quick to prepare!



There's no limit to how much credit you can earn, so login to get your link from the Refer A Friend tab on the Account Settings page and start sending your first invites! Your link can be shared wherever you please from email, to social media, or you can even text it to a friend.




Are you a blogger or influencer? Check out our affiliate program for additional ways to share your love of Terra's Kitchen and earn rewards.


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