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Simplify Meal Planning with A Meal Delivery Service

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Nov 1, '16


Carving out time to research a recipe, shop for ingredients, and cook a new healthy meal requires time that doesn’t always exist in a tightly scheduled evening. The added stress of producing a healthy dinner doesn’t always feel worth the effort. This often results in choosing unhealthy or expensive last minute options that are quick and easy. Planning meals alleviates some of the stress by doing the thinking -- and hopefully some of the shopping -- ahead of time. Meal kits are one way to simplify the meal planning process; read more to find out how.

A meal delivery service is a tool that makes planning easier by providing new dinner ideas and taking grocery shopping and prep work off of your to-do list. With a subscription meal service like Terra’s Kitchen, you can customize your order weekly to make sure you are getting meals your family will like, and only when you need them. We learn about your dietary preferences and use those to suggest meals we think you will like, so you can set it and forget it if you want.

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Planning Your Terra’s Kitchen Order

Regardless of which subscription plan you choose with Terra’s Kitchen, you have the ability to completely customize your order from week to week. Here are a few of our favorite tips for planning your TK order:

  • Keep a meal calendar and plan which nights you want to cook pre-prepped Terra’s Kitchen meals, when you will need a Grab ‘n Go meal like a salad, when you plan on eating out, any days you will have guests over and when you have the time make your own recipes.
  • Adjust your TK order for your life by week. If you are going to be busy, add some Grab ‘n Go meals or skip the week’s delivery if you will be away on vacation. If you are planning on having company for dinner, add extra servings to accommodate your guests. For the days you are cooking your own recipes, you can order any protein or pasta you might need.
  • Use theme nights like Meatless Monday to try new things. Even if you still eat meat, it is fun to try vegetarian meals, and reducing your meat consumption is also good for the environment. Taco Tuesday is another easy theme to use weekly. We always have a few different tacos on our menu, so you won’t get bored.
  • Plan for leftovers, especially if you are only cooking for one. Many of our meals can be refrigerated or frozen and make great lunches for the next day.

Manage Future Deliveries Using Our Calendar

You can plan your meal deliveries up to 4 weeks in advance using the calendar on the Manage Your Deliveries page. Use the calendar on the left to click the week you want to plan, or select from the date dropdown menu at the top of the screen to start customizing.


Here are some of the things you can do from this page:

  • Add or change meals. We will preload your vessel with meals that fit your taste profile and your table size, but you can fully customize this from week to week. Click the ‘+’ to add more meals or click the ‘x’ in the top right corner or any meal you want to remove. Keep in mind that each meal is 2 servings, so if you need to add more servings to accommodate guests, simply add another unit of the same meal.
  • Skip a week. We know that some weeks, meal delivery might not fit in with your schedule. Weather you are on vacation or just too busy, you can skip up to 4 weeks in advance by clicking ‘Skip this Delivery’ at the top right of the screen, under the date.
  • Add or change a la carte items. We don’t preload items like pre-made salads, meats, pasta, snacks or juices but you may want to add these to your order. Scroll down to see the options in each category, and click the green ‘Add’ button to add any of these to your order.
  • See how much room you have left in your vessel. Every vessel we ship out is prepped and made to order. Or trays are designed to fit perfectly and it is a game of tetris to make sure everything fits perfectly. You can always see how full your vessel is at the top of the screen by looking at the vessel capacity bar.
  • See your weekly order total. Your first weekly delivery is always free. After that, orders of $100 or more qualify for ongoing free delivery. Delivery is only $4.95 for orders under $100. You can see your order total and if you have met the minimum on this page. Since our meal prices vary, your total could be slightly different from week to week.
  • Find your weekly cutoff dates. Because we make every vessel to order, once your order has entered production, we can’t make changes or cancel your order. You can find the cutoff date for each week at the top of the page. Typically the cutoff to make changes or skip is 5 days before your delivery date at 11pm. This allows us enough time to order your food, prep your ingredients, and ship your vessel to you. Once the change cutoff date has passed, we will charge the card we have on file for your order. You will find the date your card will be charged under your order total.
  • Add delivery instructions. You can add special instructions for FedEx by clicking the pencil icon under your order total. This is a great way to let them know where you would like them to leave your package, the code to get in your building or any other important information.


Many of our customers love using this part of our service to plan their meals weeks ahead, taking the weekly management off of their plate. We send emails to remind you of the cutoff dates for changes each week, so don’t forget to watch your inbox for those reminders. New recipes are constantly being added to the menu, so watch your email for information about those as well so you can add our newest flavors to an upcoming order.

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