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Plan a Staycation with a Mediterranean Dinner

Written by Terra | Thu, Aug 4, '16

A staycation can be pretty relaxing even if deep down you wish you were somewhere exciting. This week, we encourage you to set sail for the Mediterranean. Thirty minutes is all you need to transport yourself to the blue waters off the southern coast of Europe.

What to Eat & Drink
Many of the meals on our menu are based on the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean-style diet is not only delicious but it is a heart-healthy eating plan. Mediterranean-inspired meals are plant-rich, use olive oil, and season with herbs instead of salt. Here are a few of our favorite meals that are perfect for this week’s staycation.

1.Skinny Mediterranean Pasta - Pair this pasta with Etna Bianco, which hails from the volcanic soils in Sicily and has awesome minerality and light lemon. The refreshing drink will make you feel worldly just saying it.

2. Mediterranean Tacos - Try these tacos with a Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley. This wine has the right mix of earth and funk that will hold up to the bold mix in this lamb taco.

3. Grilled Lamb with Pan Roasted Asparagus, Olives & Tomatoes - We recommend either a deep dark Syrah or a silky Stout to pair with this meal.

What to Listen To
Music can help to set the mood for your meal. We suggest putting some traditional Greek music (try Greek Musical Odyssey by the Bouzouki Kings on Spotify) while you are preparing and as you sit down at the table. If you want something a little less traditional, try some of house music from Ibiza (try Best of Ibiza House Music 2016 by Ibiza Chill Out Classics on Spotify).

While you are enjoying dinner, try some Terra's Kitchen table talk, which is a nice departure from the standard questions like "How was your day?" We include table talk questions on every recipe card to get the exchange going. Over your Mediterranean-themed meal, we suggest asking “What was your most memorable trip? If you could travel anywhere on your next vacation, where would you go?” (We're searching flights to Santorini right now ... )

After Dinner
Since dinner only took 30 minutes, you have plenty of time to watch a movie after dinner. We love the family dynamic in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (who can relate?). If you're watching with a younger crowd, we suggest Walt Disney’s Hercules to brush up on Greek mythology.

Add these meals to your order next week and set a date for your Mediterranean staycation. We would love to see what your staycation looks like, so share your experiences with us on social media using #tklife!