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Super Healthy Snack Mix

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Sep 21, '15

It's the age old question. How to get your family to eat delicious, yet healthy snacks. How to create flavor your family will enjoy, without filling up on unhealthy, processed-sugar filled snacks like chips, candy bars or cookies. If your kids are like most, they're vultures when they get home from school, so time is of the essence.

Without added sugars and oils, this homemade snack mix is good for you and easy to make! All you need to do is hit up the bulk aisle in your favorite grocery store. It's one of our favorite ways to keep the whole family nourished at home and on the go.

Let your older children make their own snack mix, because what they reach for to make, they'll reach for to eat!

Here's what you'll find in this healthy snack mix:

1. Protein: You'll stay full longer and have more energy when protein packed ingredients like seeds and nuts are in the mix.

2. Fat: Think of fats as the anchor of the mix - including some that will keep blood sugar stable, which can help you feel great (and full) for hours.

3. Complex Carbs: Adding dry cereal to the mix will make the kids happy while delivering a solid dose of whole grains, fiber, and B vitamins.

4. Natural Sugar: Dried or freeze dried fruit is a natural way to add some sweetness, which can provide a quick burst of energy. Plus, natural sugars offer vitamins and fiber for healthy digestion.

Super Health Snack Mix Recipe

Terra's Kitchen Super Healthy Snack Mix

Makes about 3 cups. (Want more? Simply double the recipe to make a larger batch)

  • 1 cup dry cereal: Kix, Cheerios, Crispix
  • 1 cup seeds and/or nuts: Pumpkins seeds, sunflower seeds, chopped walnuts, or chopped cashews
  • 1 cup dried fruit: Raisins, dried cherries, dried blueberries, freeze-dried raspberries, freeze-dried blueberries, and/or freeze-dried strawberries
  • 1/2 cup extras: Coconut chips, banana chips, and/or granola

Choose at least one ingredient from each category and mix together in a large bowl. Store in an airtight container for up to 1 month or portion 1/4-1/2 cup servings into small resealable snack bags.

The airtight container can be easily reachable for after school snacking, and resealable bags fit perfectly into backpacks, lunchboxes, or stored in your desk at work! For easy storage and presentation, check out TK's 3 ways to serve healthy after school snacks.


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