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TK’s Innovative Meal Prep Packaging ft. By The Dieline

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Nov 28, '17

The Dieline recently featured Terra's Kitchen in their article, "How the Meal Prep Trend is Influencing Package Design." Read the full article here.

By: Taylor Getler


In the age of Instagram, health-consciousness is at a high. Not only does the food have to be good for you (so that the consumer can look good), but the meals themselves have to be attractive, colorful and ripe for photographing. Of course, preparing such dishes can take up a lot of time, which busy young professionals often do not have to spare. Hence the “meal prep” trend, which has exploded in popularity over the past year or so.

Meal prepping involves whipping up large batches of food that can be packed up and eaten throughout the week, meaning that is not unusual for a young, fit person to spend an afternoon baking a whole pack of chicken breasts or roasting several pans of vegetables just for themselves. Now that more people are condensing the time that they spend cooking into one or two points of the week, brands are seizing the opportunity to cater to meal preppers’ unique needs.

Terra’s Kitchen is a truly innovative company in the business of delivering sustainably packaged, prepped meal kits. Each kit is delivered in a “specially engineered vessel” that customers ship back and is then reused up to 100 times.

The sleek, simple container is fully insulated, and it holds both interior drawers and reusable ice blocks. The design is more dynamic than what we’ve seen with other brands, as the packaging is inordinately dynamic and functions almost like a temporary mini-fridge. It also keeps the ingredients well-organized and efficiently stored.

The common thread that we see over and over again is the idea of minimalism—mostly clear plastics to allow the rich colors of the vegetables and stand out, or brown kraft paper for a rustic feel. The packaging must make the meal seem simple and easy to assemble because when consumers are meal prepping, they are really taking on a fairly sizeable challenge. Cooking a week’s worth of lunches, breakfasts or dinners (God help the shopper that prepares all three) can take hours, and unassuming, natural-looking packaging makes the experience seem like less of a daunting undertaking.


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