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The 15 Most Instagrammable Healthy Foods

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Thu, Jun 29, '17

People take millions of photos of food photos every day and many of them end up shared on Instagram. If you are on a diet or trying to lose weight, this can feel like torture as you scroll through your feed looking at overloaded milkshakes, rainbow bagels, and macaroons. There are over 203 million photos currently on Instagram using #food and fortunately there is some amazing food photography of healthy food that will help motivated you to reach your weight-loss goals. Here are the healthy food hashtags that inspire us on Instagram.

  1. #Salad - 12.1m photos 


  1. #Pasta - 9.7m photos


  1. #Mango - 8.1m photos


  1. #Eggs - 6.9m photos


  1. #Smoothie - 6.8m photos


  1. #Juice - 5.5m photos 


  1. #Salmon - 5.3m photos 


  1. #Avocado - 5.1m photos 


  1. #Soup - 4.5m photos


  1. #Tacos - 3.9m photos


  1. #Curry - 3.4m photos


  1. #Kale - 2.4m photos


  1. #Oats - 1.6m photos


  1. #Quinoa - 1.4m photos


  1. #Sweetpotato - 1.4m photos



What do you think about these instagrammable healthy foods? Show us your favorite healthy food pictures on social media using #arecipeforreallife or in our private Facebook group.

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