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The Vessel: Bloggers React to Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Sun, Jun 5, '16

People talk about our vessel a lot. It’s a very noticeable difference in how we run our business at Terra’s Kitchen, and we choose it because we care about reducing our impact on the environment through reusable packaging. Recently, we sent the bloggers our environmentally friendly packaging to test out to see what they would think. Here are their first impressions of the Terra’s Kitchen Vessel that showed up on their doorstep.

1) When Molly from Mommy Coddle’s first vessel showed up, she was pleasantly surprised, “My vessel must have been one of the last stops on my FedEx driver’s delivery and still everything inside was chilled and fresh… And all the containers that your food arrives in are recyclable as well.”


Photo courtesy of Mommy Coddle

2) Melissa from The Happier Homemaker had the perfect description for the vessel, “Terra’s Kitchen sent my meals in an awesome mini-fridge like container that I easily unpacked and left no doubt that my food was fresh and kept safely cold throughout the delivery process.  As I unpacked the vessel I got more and more excited to make the meals.”

3) What was inside the vessel impressed Britni from Play. Party. Plan. All of your food comes ready to cook. Sweet potatoes chopped, ingredients measured, and food ready to go right in the oven, then right into your mouth.”

4) Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny was impressed by our commitment to the environment commenting, “I mean even the containers are reusable!” We would love to hear how you are reusing yours, tell us on social using #tklife.


Photo courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny

5) Amy Mascott from Teach Mama summed it up perfectly though, “It’s a cool product, you guys. It really made us happy.”

Want to be unpacking your own vessel this time next week? Click below to get started choosing your meals, proteins, lunches, and snacks!

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