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Top 4 Dark Leafy Greens

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Mar 9, '17

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You know you’re supposed to eat lots of dark leafy greens because they have the most nutrients and benefits, but maybe you’ve never actually learned how to use AND enjoy them. We’ve researched the healthiest leafy greens and shared ideas that might have you reaching for seconds.

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  • Swiss Chard. It’s not as popular as kale or spinach, but it should be. It offers similar benefits, but research shows that people who eat a variety of leafy greens will get a better assortment of vitamins. So, the next time you’re making a salad, mix in swiss chard! 

If you have a salad everyday for lunch, mix it up! Try one of our new salads (or all all of them!) or our meals that include these four greens. Your body will thank you!

Salad Menu

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