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Upgrading Dinner With Terra’s Kitchen - A Millennial Success Story

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Sep 19, '16

Upgrading Dinner


Over Thanksgiving my dad informed me that I was a millennial. I was offended because I obviously have nothing in common with those 22-year olds that everyone hates so much. To win the argument, I did what any reasonable person would do, I Googled it.

It turns out, it was worse than my dad’s accusation. I’m officially what they call an “Aging Millennial” and I’m on the old end of the spectrum. Sweet.

I just turned 30 last week, but sometimes I feel like I’m barely an adult. I might subscribe to The New Yorker but I also attended a Miley Cyrus concert this year. At my last job, one of my more millennial coworkers asked me which health insurance plan I thought she should get. Little did she know I was also using the foolproof selection method of asking an adultier-adult for advice.

Now that I’m 30, I realize that there are a lot of things that I really should know how to do. Cooking is one of them. It’s not that I don’t know how to make food, I do. I can make a super buttery grilled cheese sandwich and if you’re looking for a satisfying Sunday brunch, I’ve got you covered. My mom taught me the basics of how to cook, but unfortunately my training was focused on casseroles that are nearly impossible to make for two people, and definitely not in line with my health & fitness goals.

I’m not like the younger flavor of millennial, I’m okay with working for the things that are important to me, but I absolutely believe in doing any work in the smartest way possible. I have tons of other things on my schedule, which is why my fiance and I choose to make Terra’s Kitchen meals three times a week. We want to spend our free time doing every fun activity imaginable… while we’re still “young.”

It’s not that we don’t want to go to the grocery store, I have to get my brunch supplies somewhere! The problem is, when I make the time to shop for pantry essentials, I’m the girl that wanders the aisles of Whole Foods for 40 minutes and leaves with 6 items totalling $75 that don’t combine to make an actual meal. Other times I might buy some beautiful seasonal produce at the local farmer’s market only to realize that I have no idea what ramps are once I get home.

Having a Terra’s Kitchen vessel arrive every week has turned my frustrating health food shopping and home cooking experiences around. I choose our meals if I remember, but when I don’t, TK making upgrading dinner easy by setting me up with everything I need. Our vessel arrives, and I know that dinner is very small time commitment that will make me feel good about my prospects as a functional human being. The cook time is seriously 30 minutes thanks to pre-chopped ingredients, and I can easily skip a week if I’m going to be out of town, like this weekend when I’m headed to a music festival.

I’m growing up, but sometimes I show my millennial tendencies. Lately, I’ve been bragging about TK to all of my friends via Snapchat, showing them the impressive meal we are enjoying each evening. With every meal I make though, I feel more like an adult and less like a Millennial, and that is a very good thing.



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