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Blogger Approved Meals for Special Dietary Needs

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Oct 26, '16

Special Dietary Needs

Following a special diet can be a time-consuming challenge. Elimination diets like the Whole30 and Paleo have become popular for weight loss, while food allergies or intolerances call for eliminating certain foods for health reasons. Once you find a few good meals that adhere to your special dietary needs, it is easy to fall into a meal rut, eating the same dinners week after week -- which isn’t fun!

Meal kits are a convenient solution that simplifies the meal planning process by providing new meal ideas. Having everything you need to make a balanced meal at home delivered is also a huge plus. With over 40 meal options on our menu at any given time, Terra’s Kitchen customers can always find new things to try that meet their dietary needs. We recently asked some of our favorite bloggers to try TK; find out which meals they ordered based on their personal diets.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free | Special Dietary Needs

Erica from Celiac and the Beast writes about her strategies for living with celiac disease on her blog. In addition to needing gluten-free meals to manage her symptoms, she also avoids dairy in her daily diet. She loved the ability to modify any of the recipes if desired, and dubbed our Sweet Potato Tacos her favorite meal out of the four meals she made from her first delivery.

At TK, we are aware of the highly individualized needs of those with celiac disease, and have created gluten-free recipes to help cater to those who are in need of avoiding gluten, however, we always stress that individuals check with their physician before ordering.

No Soy or Dairy

No Soy or Dairy | Special Dietary Needs

Theresa from Eat Drink And Be Skinny is a fitness enthusiast who focuses on clean eating. Right after she placed her first order with TK, she decided to eliminate gluten, dairy and soy from her diet. Fortunately everything she selected still fit with her new diet using simple modifications like leaving off cheese. The Steak Fajita Rice Bowl and Strawberry-Balsamic Chicken were two favorites that have found a new home in her healthy meal rotation.


Paleo | Special Dietary Needs

Hannah from Healy Eats Real is a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, and a blogger. She is passionate about helping others live natural and healthy lifestyles. A vegetarian for many years, she currently follows the Paleo diet and is also gluten free. When she agreed to try Terra’s Kitchen, she was excited to see that we are constantly adding new meals for different diets, including Paleo. She made our Grilled Chicken with Radish Apple Salad for lunch one day, and she loved the flavor combination in our Crispy Salmon and Watermelon Salsa.

Low Calorie

Low Calorie | Special Dietary Needs

Laura started Sprint 2 The Table as an outlet for her obsessions with fitness and food. She prides herself on being a recipe recommendation go-to for foodies who are fueling an active lifestyle and working towards fitness goals. While Laura was testing TK, she was sticking to a low-calorie diet in preparation for an upcoming trip to Italy (aka pasta heaven). Laura found that a low-calorie diet with Terra’s Kitchen didn’t have to mean tiny or flavorless meals. Our Turkey Meatballs in Skinny Sunday Gravy provided just what she needed -- a light and satisfying dinner that saved a ton of time.



Vegan | Special Dietary Needs

Finding unique recipes for vegans can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Amy from Veggies Save The Day has been vegan since 2013 and is also gluten free. Her favorite vegan recipes are colorful plant-based recipes that are easy to make quickly. It comes as no surprise then that our vibrant Vegan Power Bowl was a hit when she tested Terra’s Kitchen. She also mentioned that she was really impressed by the quality of our produce, which is high praise from any dedicated vegan!


Picky Kids


Picky Kids | Special Dietary Needs

Okay, having picky kids is not technically a special diet but most parents would agree that adding children into the equation changes meal planning in a huge way. Sometimes pleasing kids can be more difficult than adhering to a strict diet with clear rules like the Whole30. Kids tastes can be unpredictable and what works can change from day to day. Supermom Andrea from Just Is A Four Letter Word recently praised our Ball Hawk Turkey Sliders on her family blog for being a kid-friendly meal that her young sons loved despite her initial worry.




Looking for new meal ideas for your diet? We are always adding new options to our expansive menu of over 40 options. Our filtering options make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Click below to learn more about how Terra’s Kitchen works.


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