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What Makes Our Food Subscription Box Different?

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Jun 17, '16

Compared to other healthy food delivery services there are a few things noticeably missing in our food subscription box:

  1. The beat up brown box. Our eco friendly packaging is reusable up to one hundred times. With our vessel, there won’t be any boxes taking up space  in your garage waiting for you to break them down.
  2. Messy packaging. We do include some packaging to keep your ingredients from rolling around in transit, however, our ingredient trays are sleek and stackable. We love upcycling them to start seeds for our garden before stacking them up and recycling them.
  3. Ice packs to melt. Yes, the first set of ice packs are great to throw in your cooler at the last minute for a Saturday morning game, but beyond that, they are simply trash. Our ice packs are reusable and never need to leave your vessel. Simply leave them in there when you ship it back and we will sanitize them for reuse.
  4. Meals you don’t like. You have the option to choose every meal in your TK vessel every time. You will never be stuck making something that doesn’t sound appetizing just because it was a part of your weekly subscription. (Did we mention we don’t require a subscription?)
  5. Kitchen basics. Our pre-chopped ingredients might be some kind of magic, but we aren’t Mary Poppins. You will need some pots and pans of your own and pantry items like oil, salt, and pepper to cook your TK meals, but don’t worry we won’t ask you to pull out a garlic press or futuristic sous vide machine. We like to keep things simple and under 30 minutes. Seriously.

The difference between our meal kit and those other brown boxes isn’t only what is missing though. With Terra's Kitchen, we give you more time around the table instead of in front of the stove, or in the grocery store line, or sorting recycling!

If you are interested in a meal delivery service that thinks outside the box, give Terra's Kitchen a try. Click below to save $30 off your first order.