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What should you know about the FDA regulations on calorie counts?

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Nov 16, '17

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The FDA recently issued guidance on its menu-labeling regulation for restaurants and retail establishments. Supermarkets, convenience stores, pizza franchises and traditional restaurants will now have to provide consistent calorie information on menus. The FDA expects retail food establishments to implement the menu-labeling provisions by May 2018. What does that mean for you? We asked our Chief Nutrition Officer, Dr. Lisa Davis, PhD, P-AC, CNS.

This transparency will encourage consumers to make healthier choices. These days, many people are aware of their caloric needs, so providing calorie information will make it easier for them to stay within their daily requirements.” Your caloric intake is dependent on your age, current weight, gender, height and level of activity.

Dr. Davis continued, “If restaurants have to show nutrition information on their meals, they also will be more conscious about providing appropriate calorie levels.” If you’re looking to balance your daily caloric intake, check out Terra’s Kitchen’s Nutrition Score to understand nutrient, fiber, healthy fat and antioxidant needs.

Terra’s Kitchen believes in providing you full transparency by sharing calories, full nutrition and allergen information for each of our meals. We believe transparent means both providing healthy meals and the information that communicates their nutritional value in an accessible way.  

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