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Why Health Coaches Love Terra’s Kitchen

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Dec 17, '18


Lean and green recipes for Optavia

There are so many things that go into a successful weight loss journey. Your support network, determination and the food you choose are among the top factors that will contribute to your success. You journey can be much easier though with the right tools. Health coaches are using Terra’s Kitchen weight loss meal kits to give their clients an edge when it comes to losing weight. Here are a few reasons why coaches love Terra’s Kitchen.

1. It Fits Perfectly

The Terra’s Kitchen Lean + Green menu works perfectly with weight-loss plans. The meals work because they’re calorie-controlled, full of starchy vegetables for fiber and only use super clean ingredients. Want to see for yourself? You can access full nutritional information for every meal so you can track what you’re eating in every meal.

2. It Couldn’t Be Easier

Your health coach is invested in your success! That’s why they’re are always looking for the best tools to recommend so you can reach your goals. When coaches find out about Terra’s Kitchen, they’re surprised by how easy it is. With our healthy meal kits, since we send ingredients pre-chopped, meal prep becomes the easiest thing on your to-do list. No more weighing ingredients while you’re cooking, everything is already done for you.

3. It’s Delicious!

Health coaches not only recommend Terra’s Kitchen to their clients, but they also use it themselves. Weight loss food can still be delicious! Our Lean + Green recipes are getting five stars from coaches and their clients across the country. The Terra’s Kitchen nutrition team works closely with our chef to ensure each recipe is something you’ll want to cook over and over again as a part of your new healthy lifestyle.

4. You Learn So Much

Using a meal kit like Terra’s Kitchen for weight-loss meals will help you learn to cook delicious healthy recipes. With each delivery you’ll learn about portion control, healthy ways to season your food and you’ll get to experience new ingredients. The Terra’s Kitchen recipes are simple, so they’re easy to replicate on your own if you want.


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