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Why NFL Quarterback Joe Flacco Loves Terra’s Kitchen

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Oct 18, '18

Joe Flacco + Terra's Kitchen

With many meal kits to choose from, we’re honored that Super Bowl MVP Quarterback, Joe Flacco picked Terra’s Kitchen meal kits for his family. Terra’s Kitchen didn’t become Flacco’s favorite just because we’re neighbors (although we do love having a hometown hero as a customer!).

After trying a few different meal delivery services, the Flaccos said that they thought, “Terra’s Kitchen goes so far beyond your usual meal kit.” Joe let us in on what he was looking for in a meal kit, and we’re happy to report we check all of these boxes.

1. Saves Time
When Joe is on the field playing for the Ravens, every second counts. With a busy schedule, getting dinner on the table quickly is a must. Terra’s Kitchen was a winner because we deliver everything ready-to-cook for the Flaccos and for all of our customers.

2. Super Healthy
For football players, and any athletes, nutrition impacts performance. Whether he’s preparing for a big game, or enjoying a day off Joe, “knows how important nutrition is for feeling your best.” Being able to order things like fresh fruit for snacks or ready-to-eat salads for lunch put TK above the rest for their family.

3. Kids Love It
Joe and his wife, Dana have 5 kids, so family-friendly recipes were a must. Making a meal everyone will love makes family dinners easier to execute since cooking two separate meals is never ideal. Now, when the Terra’s Kitchen vessel is delivered, the kids rush to be the first to see what’s inside.

4. Reduces Stress
Deciding “What’s for dinner?” is the last thing on Joe’s mind when he gets home from a game or intense day of practice. Since Terra’s Kitchen takes care of meal planning and even some of the prep work, cooking dinner is stress free.

5. Less Clean Up
With Joe being away often during the football season, Dana often finds herself doing the bulk of the cooking on her own. Anybody chasing around 5 kids would appreciate a little assist on the dishes after a long day. The fact that our meals are designed for minimal cleanup makes a big difference. With fewer ingredients to chop and many of our recipes being one pot or one pan, cleaning up from a delicious dinner takes hardly any effort at all.

We'll deliver your food already washed, measured and chopped,  just like Joe Flacco's. Sourcing clean, sustainable ingredients that follow the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, Terra's Kitchen does the food prep for the veteran quarterback so he can spend time doing what matters.

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