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Why We Love Salty Girl Salmon (And Why You Should, Too)

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Mar 3, '17


With every purchase, you’re driving positive change in our oceans and celebrating fishermen who harvest responsibly.” -Salty Girl Seafood

We buy many of our seafood products from Salty Girl Seafood because they’ve made promises to be authentic in the way they do business, select their fish using a 6-point sustainability assessment and promote fishing communities who do things the right way.

This innovative company out of Santa Barbara, CA is dedicated to making seafood easy to cook at home (every fillet is pre-seasoned with healthy ingredients and ready to prepare right out of the freezer!) and easy to understand, with information about where and how your fish was caught right on the back of the package. A unique code can be entered on their website, giving you even more information about where your fillet comes from! Salty Girl Seafood is wild-caught and loaded with omega-3s.


Try these Terra’s Kitchen recipes featuring Salty Girl Salmon:

Check out the Salty Girl Seafood website to learn more about the company. (Pro tip: You can also order salmon a la carte from Terra’s Kitchen!)

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