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2 In-Office Yoga Flows & Quick Healthy Lunches

Written by Terra | Wed, Aug 17, '16

It’s easy to justify skipping a lunchtime workout, especially when you are busy at the office. Activities with friends and family vie for your time after work and lunch hours are spent planning for the upcoming holidays. Just because you have other priorities doesn’t mean you have to miss out on physical activity completely. We asked Ciara Desmond, CorePower Yoga studio manager in Baltimore, for a few tips for including a quick yoga practice during the work day.

Ciara explained, “simple stretching can help you move with greater ease through the rest of your day” and helps to “maintain and even increase flexibility.” She recommends moving through Sun Salutations to warm up and re-set especially if you are sitting at a desk most of the day. Move through the following poses: Mountain, Forward Fold, Halfway Lift, High-to-Low Plank, Upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog. Repeat this flow 3-5 times.  

If you have time, Ciara suggested stretching out your hips next. Many people with with desk jobs suffer from tight hips which is why she often focuses on this area in her CorePower classes. You can try the flow in your home or office practice, as well:

  • From Downward Facing Dog, Inhale your right leg high
  • Exhale Low Lunge
  • Inhale High Crescent Lunge
  • Exhale Warrior 2
  • Inhale Reverse Warrior
  • Exhale High-to-Low Plank
  • Repeat this flow on your left side
  • Flow through both sides two times

Ciara learned through her own yoga practice and teaching that our practice is never the same. One day, a pose may be easy to get into and the next day, it’s not happening. That’s okay. Some days you may have time to go through a quick flow on your lunch break, while other days, taking a few minutes to meditate and re-center may be enough.

Lastly, Ciara shared her favorite mantra from @iamhertribe for re-centering throughout the day. You can use it to close out your daily practice, or take a moment to meditate on these words before jumping back into your next meeting of the day.


Stop waiting

for someone to pick you,

discover your worth,

or uncover your magic.

Take control

of your belonging

and choose yourself.

One of the benefits of choosing yoga is that you don’t have to skip lunch just to get your workout in since you don’t have to leave the office to practice a few poses. Here are some of our favorite Terra’s Kitchen quick and healthy, grab 'n go items that make an easy in-office lunch or a quick snack any time. The best part? These affordable lunches come delivered and ready to go in your weekly vessel -- no lunch packing required!  

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