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Your 5-Day Summer Meal Plan

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Mon, Jun 26, '17

Now that it’s officially summer, are you ready to dive into it feeling amazing? You don’t have to choose between healthy and delicious meals this summer with Terra's Kitchen. Stay on track while still enjoying seasonal summer ingredients with these recipes from our current menu. Our 5-day summer meal plan is full of colorful snacks and easy summer recipes that will ensure you're enjoying the refreshing tastes of summer. 

Day 1

Breakfast - Mango and Blueberries (Calories: 100)

Lunch - Berry Balsamic Salad (Calories: 400)

Snack – Carrot and Celery Sticks (Calories: 25)

Dinner - Honey Balsamic Glazed Pork with Strawberry Cucumber Salad (Calories: 662)

Total calories: 1,187

Day 2

Breakfast – Caribbean Kale Smoothie (Calories: 321)

Lunch – Veggie Kale Caeser (Calories: 320)

Snack – Siggi’s Greek Yogurt (Calories: 100)

Dinner – Mediterranean Grilled Cod, Couscous, and Tomato with Vegetable Kabobs (Calories: 459)

Total calories:  1,200

Day 3

Breakfast- Spinach and Egg (Calories: 173)

Lunch - Apple Walnut Chicken Salad (Calories: 619)

Snack – Edamame (Calories: 90)

Dinner - Sicilian Cod and Arugula Salad (Calories: 360)

Total calories: 1,242

Day 4

Breakfast – Apple a Day Smoothie (Calories: 188)

Lunch – Caprese Salad (Calories: 254)

Snack – Suja Berry Goodness (Calories: 170)

Dinner – Chipotle Chicken and Mango Tacos (Calories: 442)

Total calories: 1,054

Day 5

Breakfast – Fruit Burst (Calories: 50)

Lunch – Sweet and Sour Shrimp (Calories: 621)

Snack - Pico de Gallo (Calories: 25)

Dinner - Grilled Avocado and Turkey Tacos with Blueberry-Corn Salsa (Calories: 547)

Total calories: 1,243


These easy summer recipes will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the season! Meal delivery from Terra's Kitchen can make healthy eating even easier. We deliver prepped ingredients right to your door, you can skip the shopping, measuring, and chopping, and get right to cooking. Click here for more on creating a meal journal.